Boogeyman vs john cena

Boogeyman vs john cena fight

Did yall miss me? SODAPOP DAMN! Slow down. Obama is EVERYONEs president not just black folks. Girlsluvgems Girl I feel you. OBAMA IS A REAL BLACK MAN!!! A DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH so to speak. He embodies confidence, strength, integrity, and LOYALTY! Im in love with the fact this BLACK PRESIDENT LOVES HIS BLACK WIFE!!!! I hope OTHER brothers will follow suit. There is nothing more magical or spiritual than BLACK LOVE!!! BROTHERS TAKE NOTES AND STEP YA GAME UP!!!! WE NEED MORE OF YOU to step up like our PRESIDENT has done! hilite And why WOULD anyone call an African, AfricanAmerican????? You can CLEARLY SEE THE DISTINCT difference between an African and an African American. Im african american becuase fourtunately Im not some alien that floated out of space to where the aliens spray painted me black and dropeed me off in America, As a black person, understanding and realizing my COLOR, knowing that all black ORIGINATED boogeyman vs john cena fight Africa, and being born IN AMERICA. ASK ME ABOUT MY MUSIC PAGE!!! Due to Baracks complexion he will never be considered white. But because he is 50/50 white have just as much claim to him as blacks. I do agree. LETS STOP THE WHITE BASHING AND KEEP THE RACE SMEARING OUT OF OUR JOYFUL CELEBRATION. WHITE PEOPLE AND ALL OTHERS HELP US AS BLACK PEOPLE ELECT BARACK. THEY DESERVE CREDIT TOO. CORRECTION: BARACK IS THE SECOND BLACK PRESIDENT TO BE PLACED IN THE HIGHEST OFFICE. YOU TUBE OR GOOGLE JOHN HANSON HE SERVED ONE YEAR IN OFFICE. THE MOST TOUCHING TO ME WAS SENATOR MCCAINS ENDING SPEECH. HE SAID THAT AFRICAN AMERICANS SHOULD BE REALLY PROUD AND LET THEM HAVE THEIR TIME TO CELEBRATE, THIS IS THEIR DAY. I HAVE A NEW LIKENESS FOR JOHN MCCAIN. VANILLAICE SAYS: 0N JAN. 20, 2009 PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA WILL BE STANDING ON THE VERY SAME STEPS THAT WERE BUILT BY OUR ANCESTORS, WHOM NEVER THOUGHT THAT A BLACK PERSON WILL BE STANDING ON, GETTING SWORN IN!! CHECK OUR HISTORY!!!!! THE WHITE WAS HOUSE MOSTLY BUILT BY BLACK PEOPLE. AMERICA WAS BUILT BY OUR ANCESTORS. ANOTHER GREAT DAY IN AMERICA!!!!! ladytopshotta fukk – come back! They said no matter how the election would have ended last night that it would make History! Either we would have boogeyman vs john cena fight first Black President or the first female Vice President. I thank and give honor to GOD that we know how the election turned out. Speaking of turn out what a historic voter turn out, they say the largest ever since 1908, wow GOD is great we have come from a mighty long way! I received calls from all over boogeyman vs john cena fight globe on last night from family and friends, some shouted, some cried, all happy to have been apart of history! I am so happy and proud of the Obama campaign, all the workers and supporters. This is not a black or white thing rich or poor either, it is about the better choice for this Nation as one people! A good friend from Richmond VA said it best, he said I now feel like I can do anything and that all things are possible and I replied to him Yes you can and yes we did. History in the making, history right here in the present and now. President Elect Obama was gracious and appreciative in his victory speech as was Senator McCain in his concession speech.

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